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El Torreon Restaurant

Our El Torreon Restaurant offers the best Basque cuisine: a Basque-rooted cuisine based on respect for locally sourced products, an interest in nutrition, the exaltation of flavours and a commitment to our origins.

Membership of the Euskadi Gastronomika Club is a recognition we have received from the Basque Government. The excellence of its products and the expertise of Basque chefs are hallmarks of the Basque Country.

The aim of Euskadi Gastronomika is to offer the best experience, the best cuisine and the best quality of service in Gastronomic Tourism. It is based on Basque cuisine as a hallmark of the Basque Country, promoting local products, raw materials from our sea and land, and seasonal products. In addition, it enhances the Basque D.O. products and other products with a distinctive Basque quality.

Come and discover the authentic taste of Basque cuisine.

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